Feb 18, 2021

Their Adoption Story – Z

It’s been a joy to watch this beautiful messy journey unfold for these sweet friends of mine. It was such an honor to photograph them this past summer. There are so many words I’d like to say, but I’d like to only share what this little boy’s kind-hearted mommy has to say about his story after 1,062 days in foster care…


“to my not so little boy,

your mommy remembers parts of this journey oh so well. I remember the day in 2017 that we prayed for your coming, and the first picture I got of the back of your curly head. I remember the first time I saw your big brown eyes and how quickly our whole family loved you. I remember the day that your foster daddy asked us in disney world if we would ever consider adopting you, and having to tell your daddy at the spinning teacups that, sorry, I said yes🤗

for the year and a half after that conversation, we were your aunt carcar and uncle jonny. the days of lawn mower rides, long weekend sleepovers and preparing a place for you, were precious ones. we longed for the day that you’d be in our home, but we knew you were with the best parents and siblings while we waited. your daddy and I learned how to talk to God differently, how to have hard conversations, and how to question His will but still want to seek it.

and we watched the Lord work. when He opened up a foster care class for us, when there were no open spots before. when your daddy and I had disagreements about you, and then the Spirit would change our hearts to be united. when I sobbed on your foster parents couch, because we thought we wouldn’t be chosen to be your parents after all. and then we were🙌🏼

zayden george, today we celebrate you. we celebrate your daring, silly, sassy, helpful and sweet self. we celebrate the way you’re patient with your mom and dad being thrown into being first time parents to a 3 year old. we celebrate your bravery at moving from home to home, and family to family. we also celebrate the multitude of people who have prayed over your life. we celebrate your aunt Kimmy, uncle Beej, and cousins Cam and Abby, who sacrificially loved you, and us, for almost 2 years. we celebrate your birth mama, who chose life for you, and whose relationship we treasure dearly.

son, I pray that your adoption day always reminds you of your mommy and daddy’s love for you, your Heavenly Father’s even greater love for you, and that your story is a picture of the way He relentlessly chases after each one of His children. you’re the best, kid! 💙


to my friends who have read this far- the world of foster care and adoption is scary. but if I could tell you one thing, it would be that it’s worth it. there is hurt, grief, fear and unknowns involved. and I know it’s easier to tell yourself that someone braver or stronger than you is up to the task- that was me! I would encourage you to seek our God’s heart for the orphan. I pray that when you see the handsome face of this son of mine, that you are reminded of the way that God makes beautiful things out of the dust.

“adoption is a beautiful picture of redemption. it is the gospel in my living room.” -katie davis”



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