Dec 8, 2018

Central Park, NYC, New York – Lindsey + Adam

Lindsey + Adam reached out to book their 2020 wedding just days after I had booked a two week Caribbean cruise out of Manhattan. Lindsey + Adam live in NYC and wanted to show off the city they fell in love with in their engagement photos. Immediately I asked Lindsey about the dates I would be in NYC prior to our trip, what better way to see the city than by capturing a local couple’s love story?

We started the day off at Ryan’s Daughter, a local spot that is Lindsey + Adam’s go-to. We arrived early to the session – mainly because I was terrified NYC traffic would make us late – and enjoyed chatting with a few locals and the bartender. Ryan’s Daughter is seriously a gem, and I couldn’t recommended it more if you are ever in NYC. We will definitely make our way back next time we are in New York City. I instantly realized why Lindsey + Adam wanted to start the session here. It was the highlight of our time in the city.

We then headed for Central Park, and specifically the spot where Adam proposed to Lindsey. As we wrapped up our shoot it started to flurry. Lindsey + Adam were troopers, still looking adorable and cuddly even in the freezing temps. I can’t wait until their wedding in 2020!




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