Apr 28, 2018

Port Washington, Ohio – Ashley + Tyler

I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever been as apprehensive for a session as I was for this one. It didn’t hit me until we were making the hour drive from Canton to Port Washington to meet up with Photographer, Ashley Stein of Creative Stein Co., and her husband Tyler. Yes, you read right, photographing another photographer?! See now why I was so nervous?!

To top it off, it had been a hectic weekend as we drove 8 hours to Canton and photographed a conference for the 3 full days prior. We were so exhausted that we took a nap in the car after the conference ended earlier that day, only to awake and realize we were going to be late to meet Ashley and Tyler. I frantically did my hair and makeup in the car as Josh drove. Fun side note: I blew the fuse in my car’s outlet with my hair straightener. Typical move, Danielle.

Despite that, I honestly don’t think we could of ended the trip on a better note. Ashley and Tyler were a blast to photograph. Ashley and I traded roles throughout the next hour and half, taking turns modeling and shooting. We instantly clicked since we have so much in common – our love for Jesus, warm and moody images, and our crazy husbands, who love to hunt almost as much as they love us. (Or that’s at least what I tell myself since they put up with photoshoots like these!) The laughs this night were endless. Seriously, SO MUCH FUN. Here’s just a few of my favorites!



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