Apr 20, 2018

Klein Haus – Ohio Airbnb

I’m always searching for a unique place to stay when we are traveling so when I saw the Klein House available for our travel dates, I knew I had to jump on it! I mean who isn’t even mildly obsessed with the tiny house trend?!

I was so excited to spend the weekend here, especially since it had been a rather hectic week, that I forgot to prepare fully. The morning of our drive I found myself shoving random clothing items in my favorite duffle, hoping I’d remember all the necessities. I didn’t. It was snowing the day we arrived… I wasn’t well prepared in my thin long sleeve shirt. Note to self: Ohio’s weather is just as bipolar as Maryland’s and packing last minute isn’t the way to go.

Stepping into the tiny home I was greeted with the smell of fresh doughnuts from an Amish bakery down the road. The Tiny home was already warm for us, thanks to the little electric fireplace that the owner, Dina left on for us. After a nearly 8 hour travel day, I couldn’t have imagined walking into a better site than fresh donuts and a warm house!

The Klein Haus had so many welcoming touches, from fresh flowers to locally made goats milk soap! We will definitely be staying here again if we are ever in the area! Click here $40 off your first stay with ANY Airbnb!





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